Painting Service

I have 30 years experience painting miniatures and I can guarantee the work will be completed by me Andrew Wilson owner of AW Miniatures. I will not out source your figures so you will get a consistent finished miniatures. I will try and get your figures painted within a 4-6 week period, however, when my table is full, it may be longer – come to think of it, I can’t remember it not being full!

Email me at: or call me – see contact us for details – If you have any questions regarding timescale of commission.

Please note – The price INCLUDES basing, I don’t charge extra for this, the price you see is for making up, painting, glossing/matt finish and basing.


Foot/crew figure£7.00
Cavalry - Horse & Figure£12.00
Character Figures/Command£10.00

Foot/crew figure£4.00

Foot/crew figure£2.50
Mounted Command£4.50

What you get with all painted figures

  • Plastic figures are taken from spruce then cleaned and glued to make up the figure
  • Metal figures filed and cleaned up
  • Figures are then primed with a matt undercoat
  • Figures get a base coat with highlights
  • All 28mm figures receive eyes
  • All figures then receive a gloss varnish followed by matt varnish
  • And to finish off! Based to your choice

Included in the price – no hidden extra cost for basing, AW Miniatures will base all figures with MDF and fine ballast, small rocks and grass.

Please note: Blister Packs cannot be split. Boxes have to be purchased before we split and paint them.

Basing Options

I will stand figures to a base and use the standard green grass/flock.  If this is fine then great, leave it to us. Otherwise tell us how you want your figures based.  And choose what type of grass/snow/flock you want.


Contact me or call me for any questions you have